I'm OK with girls' infidelity?

girls, just wondering, since I got my first real education about girls not from a high school sweetheart but at a nightclub, about how some girls actually behave sexually, whether they are the club-going type or not, it is quite impossible for me to expect that a girl will always stay faithful. OK some of them might do but I have come to accept that it really isn't something you can control therefore no point in trying to.

how do girls view a guy who has that kind of attitude and does that make you feel more or less attracted to him?


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  • A lot of girls have double standards on it. Like if you go to the club with guys they'll assume you'll pick up a chick but a "girls night out" would be perfectly OK and they'd take drinks from guys as well(hell... some even admit to going to bars without any money knowing).

    I basically just avoid dating girls who go to bars. It sounds close minded but I personally feel that after a certain age the whole scene should be pretty old and that the girls get all the hooking up outta their system. I find it funny how guys can go to the bar hoping to meet a girl to get into a relationship with. Who really wants to seriously date a girl who deliberately dresses revealing to grab attention from a buncha drunken slobs every weekend while she drinks? Oh and if she doesn't want to screw him... she'll go to her friends after he hits on her and "complain" about it.


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