How do you define persistence - in the realm of pursuing someone? At what point do you throw in the towel?

This is a discussion friends and I had this weekend. At what point does the pursuit become "inappropriate" for lack of a better word...


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  • when it no longer feels appropriate. I think you persue something when you believe in it. at the point it feels absurd , you stop.

    i don't think there is a standard time as each situation is unique. but mo, if you are being clear and direct and getting no return, then it's tim to move on

    often the case is however that neither party has been clear, this requires a little extra grace period to sort things out.

    but if you've already communicated clearly, and you're thinking w-t-h am I doing, id say its time to stop. :)

    i think for people who are honest it is much easier to know when to move lo, because you can easily see lack of interest compared you a confused defensive person, in response to mind games.

    imo, keeping it real and trusting your instincts, is more helpful than setting up arbitrary time periods.

    oh and of course a clear rejection is always a sign its time to go. :)

    • Thanks;-)


      ... each stituation is unique, but imo*

      ...easier to know when to move on*

      ...compared to*

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  • As not giving up


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  • I usually stop around the time I get pepper sprayed in the face.


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