Why does my ex want to tell my boyfriend that I cheated on him?

We went out for 4 years and he dumped me on cheating on him. I tried to get back with him but he didn't want to. Than one month before I got with my boyfriend I went to his house and we were going to get intimate. He told me that he didn't want to unless we were together. He still wasn't sure if he even wanted to be with me. I got with my new boyfriend a month after that. I still talk to his sister and took my boyfriend to his sister's birthday. The first time I took my boyfriend my ex talked with him for a little bit. He told his family that I cheated on him and everyone is pretty neutral about it. His sister told him I didn't but she knows I did. Yesterday I went by to visit his sister and we were all there and ex was visiting too. He gave me this look as if he didn't like me and I was pretty intimidated. I thought he was going to talk to his mom but he actually sat down and talked with us. He ignores me though and talks to my boyfriend. Do you think he will tell my new boyfriend I cheated on him. What do you think?


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  • Probably. I personally go by no contact but sometimes grudges get held.

    He may feel it is some sort of duty of his to warn people about how you can potentially harm who you get involved with. Don't cheat.

    • Would you do it?

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    • If you didn't know him?

    • If you'd just met him a couple of times and exchanged words.

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  • He should. You cheated on him and hurt him. Good job! He'd be giving that guy a heads up. Now he nows to keep an eye on you. But I'm sure you'll make sure your new boyfriend won't find out right?

  • PRobably he will tell him.

  • He'll probably tell him.

    • Were not in love with eachother anymore.

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