Should I continue to pursue? She's talking to 2 other guys.

Long story short:

-Met a girl online (we're both 21) and we hit it off. Haven't met in person yet but we've been texting and calling non-stop. She admitted she likes me. She's done enough to prove it too lol.

-She's talking to 2 other guys as well she likes online. She DOES like them more them me(I can tell) and would say yes to them asking her out, but for the most part she believes (she told me) nothing will happen with them. If something DOES happen, she said she'll probably talk to me about it and ask for "just friends"

So is this worth pursuing? Note I found a mutual friend between me and her and talked to him about my situation and he's the one who confirmed (without her knowing) that she likes the other guys more and would say yes to them asking her out
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I just feel like I shouldn't give it my all anymore..


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  • Being it Is 'Online,' sweetie, She and even Yourself are Out there, Up for grabs, and with so many to choose from, your options are Plentiful, like millions of fish in the deep blue sea.
    Hang in there. You like her. Don't let this discourage you. Perhaps she doesn't want to get Committed to just one guy, wants to play the field, and even when it comes to you, why would you want to? And if you get a chance to go out with her, enjoy yourselves.
    Have fun on these dating sites. If you end up meeting different girls, 'Play the field' and just be free to Not be hooked at the hip. And if you see someone you like, someone who you want to be tied down to, Then pick and choose who will stay loyal to you and not be with ten different guys. For now, go lite and semi sweet with your tweet.
    You are way too young to be walking down the aisle, let's say, with just one girl. Take your time, meet a ton more, and then you would have said: I finally found my catch of the day, the catch of a lifetime.
    Good luck. xx

  • To be honest, no one truly knows whether she likes anyone else or not. Second, you two aren't dating. If you don't have the confidence, then you can always move on. If that's what she said, then sure you can move on also. She even told you she likes you, but if that's not enough either then also move on.

  • Never, ever be someone's second option. Especially if that person has made it clear to you that you are her second option.

    • She didn't tell me directly, she told my friend, who unknown to her, told me.

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    • No, stop being paranoid and just answer the question.

    • You are making assumptions on what others are telling you. Other people have their own problems and agendas and what they tell you might not be what is most beneficial for you. Continue pursuing this girl until its obvious that she does wants to be with you or the opposite.

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