My ex boyfriend and I broke up and now he wants to see me.

i'm very confused. my ex and I were doing long distance and he broke up with me for a very silly reason .. because I went out then he spoke back to me saying I drove him away because I'm crazy then now he's saying he wants me to fly up to come see him ... and of course me like an idiot books a ticket to go see him. now I feel sad and confused because I don't know what he wants from me and I don't know if he wants to work things out because he doesn't make much effort to speak to me. I'm supposedly seeing him in 3 weeks. Should I wait till I see him to speak to him or saying something now? if so what do you suggest I say to him ? should I have sex with him when I see him. please help I'm so confused.


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  • He wants you to see him, honey I will not waste time AND money, in fact if he is the one who wants to see you, he comes to you since he brought this up. I'll be truthful, be smart, call him back and you tell him IF he wants to see you then HE should be the one coming here, because I see that as a red flag. In fact no, get a refund or whatever I don't know much about tickets for travel do if anyone else advices you like "being safe and you should have wasted money like that or he should be the one coming to see you" kind of advice, listen to them. And why are you thinking about having sex with him, having sex is not going to solve anything, sweetie, in everything for the sake of all dignity and female gender kind please please please do not go see him, he brought it up and he should be the one coming to see you . If he argues, say goodbye, hang up, delete the number, block it I don't know if can afford another phone get yourself another one and burn the other (after you saved all your other contacts). I would do this, because seriously, who the heck he thinks he is to do that!? If a guy truly wants to works things out, he should be the one coming to you humbled from the heart!


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  • he dumped you, he needs to be the one to come see you. What if he's fooling you? What if he's using you?

    Play it safe girl! Don't get yourself into a bad situation (and waste money at that).

    Safety first. Let him be a man and come to you!

    • I agree.Did he pay for your ticket? if not, you need to cancel it and have him pay or come to u.He can't just break up over something so petty and then snap his fingers.You need to see your own worth.

  • he needs to see you to prove to you he wants you back don't go him don't waste your money he broke up with you


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