Is this his way of ending the relationship?

Does this mean it's over? So when my boyfriend and I were talking about breaking up, I was a bit confused because he kept saying he wasn't sure if he wanted to stay together or not and kept wanting me to make the decision. So since I was "taking too long to decide" he deleted me on Facebook and he stopped replying. I started talking to him tonight and he was replying back and forth but when I brought up about getting back together, he didn't reply.. It's almost been a half hour and I told him I'd rather get a straight answer... I don't know if just not answering is his way of saying no or what? He has aspergers so I'm not sure if he just doesn't know how to say what he wants? It's a long distance relationship too.


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  • He was insecure and doubted your feelings for him - so he was giving you the chance to either ease his fears, or break up.

    Since you didn't reject the idea of a break up (in his words took too long thinking about it) he felt his fears were confirmed - you were not into him in the way that he wanted, so in his mind, that's a good enough reason to break up.


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