What are the chances of her changing her mind?

long story short my girlfriend of 2 years broke up with about 5 weeks ago. she just said that there wasn't anything I had done wrong or didn't do, just that her feelings had changed and she wasn't feeling it anymore. she's 19 and I'm 21. its been 5 weeks and she hasn't contacted me in anyway and I haven't contacted her. Do you think there's any chance that shell contact me anytime in the future and say she regrets leaving me? I mean I don't even know if I could trust her enough to take her back now but part of me still misses her and I'm just stuck between completely giving up on her and holding on to some small hope that we might work out. and if you don't think shell contact me do you think it would be OK for me to say something to her ? I wouldn't ask her to get back with me but I was thinking if we just met up and maybe talked about how we feel about the whole situation now that we've both had a lot of time to think


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  • From my experience with long term love, when it comes to having been together That long, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's over. " It isn't over until the fat lady sings,"as they say.

    From what I am seeing here, I am still hearing some notes in the background. Being there has been this five week lull, it is showing me that you both may have been doing some soul searching, and the "break-up" just might be doing you you and your partner some good.

    I don't see where it would be out of key if you would like to push a few buttons and find out how she is doing. You don't need to "stand on ceremonies", as they say, to see who calls first, just because someone may have had the last word.

    She may surprise you, and you just may find that she has missed you more than you know, and even Want to go out and "sing a few bars" with you again. This is where you could lead the orchestra, sweetie. Instead of hearing how, "The lady sings the blues," you just may be getting instead, "All that jazz," and, with that, after you both "sing your hearts out," ends up to be---a "Cabaret.":))

    Good luck...xx

    • thanks for your advice! if she does agree it meet up should I just play it cool and not say anything about the break up or getting back together or do you think it would be OK to bring up those topics as long as I'm not pushy?

    • If you both DO hook up, I am sure the topic will arise, for this would be the main reason as to why you are getting together to--- "talk." I can tell you this much, it will most likely be awkward at first, but as the music plays, and things start to sound out, hopefully you will have her singing like a bird again. Yes, be cool, not too pushy, and keep the covo light and sweet, so you and she don't end the "this one moment in time" again by saying---"Goodbye to love".xx

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  • Dude, you should just let her go. If she really wants you, she'll contact you. You might annoy her if you try to get her back. You can't try to change how someone feels.

    • Im not trying to change how she feels, I just have a couple unanswered questions and I'm wondering if she still feels the same about the whole situation, I'm not planning on asking her to get back together unless its something that she suggest

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    • Thats the thing! she didn't give me any reasons at all. she just said that she wasn't feeling it anymore, she said it wasn't' anything that I did or anything that I didn't do she just lost feelings for me I guess. I completely understand that there's no point in trying to get back with someone who doesn't want me. but I just can't figure out how we could go form being in love on month to her feeling nothing the next. so I'm just thinking now that we've both had some time maybe she would tell me

    • Really? Hmm, but weren't there any red flags? I guess what I just don't understand is why you want to meet up with her if she said she just wasn't feeling it anymore. It sucks, but sometimes that happens. All good things come to an end. There may be no REAL reason. Maybe you two just weren't what she was wanting anymore. It is def going to be hard though, 2 years is a lot of memories. Best of luck with it all. (:

  • Im oging to be blunt here sorry if I offend you. Number one do you really want to be with someone who said she lost feelings for you?

    Do you really want to miss out on meeting a girl who could actually be someone you'll end up with.

    if your ex can loose feelings for you once she can do it again.

    You will always spend your time trying to keep her around, That's not fair to you.

    Honestly if she hasn't contacted you its because she doesn't want to or she would have trust me.

    Talking isn't going to change the fact that she doesn't have feelings anymore. If they are gone they are gone. That doesn't mean you did anything it just means you guys are not meant to be together.i think meeting up with her would be a big mistake on your part. I really hope you choose to move on and wait for a girl who loves you as much as you love her. Best of luck.


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  • I doubt she'll change her mind and if her feelings at the time of breaking up were already changed or gone after five weeks she's probably already moved on. You just want to hear from her because you feel bad about yourself but just tough it out and move on. It won't get better if you get back together, it'll end the same way again. Sucks but she doesn't want you. That's life and you're better off moving on.

    • My mom and dad had split up 7 weeks when dating one time. They finally reunited, got married, and along came me. It isn't impossible to dream the impossible dream. Happens every day..:))xx

  • Going through similar circumstances albeit our relationship wasn't half as long as yours.

    I went through 6 weeks of no contact and then suddenly, a friend mine tells me she's been asking about me.

    I would keep up the good work, let your emotions subside and if she contacts you, talk casually without revealing too much.

    • I feel that my emotions has subsided a decent amount and I have a much more clear viewpoint on the whole relationship than what I did 5 weeks ago. do you think it would be a good idea for me to give her a call so we could talk? I wouldn't reveal to much just maybe have a causal conversation checking up on how she's doing so I can get a feel for how she's feeling

    • Yes, sweetie, I did advise you to make a date to hook up and where where it might go..Good luck..xx

  • There's a chance. The actual percentage is a complete guess...but don't hold out any hope, or hold yourself back from finding another girl based on that chance.

    • do you think it would be a good idea to meet up with her now that we've had time to think so I could maybe get a feel for how she's feeling and maybe get some closure to some unanswered questions?

    • No. As I said, you move on. You don't stay stagnant wishing or pining for her. If she's going to come back, you may find you don't want her.

    • Yes, I think Now is as good as time as any. Don't let any more moss grow under your feet. Play your fiddle and sing her a lullaby. It's worth once more...verse.":))xx

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