Is it okay to date an Ex?

Two years ago (freshman year) I dated a boy and it didn't work.

But since then we've painstakingly managed to remain friends and now our friendship is now the strongest its ever been.

We talk about everything under the sun, except our 3 month relationship.

He's had a few flings but nothing like the what we had, and I have a sinking suspicion there's a part of him (like me) that never quite got over it.

So is it okay to date him again or is it never okay to go out with an ex?


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  • personally yes cause I've dated my ex , he is my boyfriend now.. things are doing great in our relationship! ^-^ I don't know I'm tired of getting to know new guys. it feels like I'm back to square one and it's so hard to find someone who is mature and at the same time sincere. I met someone though on a site like this (answerbag) who is mature, respectable and cool. I just love talking to him. he should be love guru lol. his girlfriend is so lucky to have him! ^-^


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  • Been there, done that... it ended the same way but worse. (not worse for her)


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