How do you get over someone saying "I was thinking for awhile to date someone else"?

after almost 3 years knowing and going out together, the last conversation that I had with my ex was about him wanting to see someone else.

ironically for a while he did have pictures of on fb and I had initiated the break.

I think what hurts the most, is, when you've emotionally and resourcefully invested in someone and they aren't honest. If his feelings were that he wasn't true to me, I kind of wish he would have let me know sooner.

So how do you get over someone...saying "I want to see other people" after 3 years?----that was one hurtful stabbing thing he said.


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  • Sorry to hear that. I do not have an answer to your question. You need to move on and life is not going to stop for you.

    • I have been talking to other men. I don't know why your answer reminds me of my ex...

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