How do I move on for good?

Okay this may be a little lengthy but here it goes.. I've been on and off with this Guy for 2 years. I'm pretty sure its coming to a real end this time. I've been okay untilled I realized most of my life revolves around him. He had a baby with another girl when we were split and I'm very close to the baby. I've been there for the baby since 2 weeks old. I've tried moving on but I just have an overwhelming pain. He's been my only official relationship in two years..I still want to see the baby but I need to know how to get over him...


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  • How does it make you feel that he had a baby with another woman?

    I mean it's hard to get over someone you've gotten close to and so use to but if the relationship is going nowhere you have to remind yourself of why you should move on in the first place. Being in the same situation I understand, as much as you love or gotten comfortable with him... at the end of the day you have to put your happiness before anything and anyone.


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  • You're just going to have to let both of them go, unfortunately.


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  • You gotta get out there and stop thinking about him. Take care of yourself.

    he obviously doesn't care about you. Fortunately My ex didn't go around making babies during our dating period/ romance, but when relationships end, they end.

    He makes you feel pain. Think of the negatives or write them on paper etc. Now plan on what you want to do to make yourself feel happier.

    What are your plans? What do you want to see changed?

    If it helps, think of the mistakes but don't dwell. I have thought about things through, and I don't want to go back to my ex.

    once you make a decision, stick to it. it is either yes or it's no. this is to prevent you from hurting in the next relationship.

  • It's over, my dear.. I'm sorry you're going through this pain... but it's over.. You will have to move on..


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