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Guys I need some helping-advice! Me and my Babe, we're broken up since a year now but everytime he sees me he talks with me flirts with me and everytime I ignore him, he keeps asking me why I'm not talking to him and gets jealous when other boys are around me but yet he never calls or text me unless I do it first. When I write him he talks to me just fine, I don't get the way he melts around me and we're not even together. I love him to death, do You guys think I have a chance to be with him again?


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  • He still has feelings for you. If you love him to death and he is showing you all this, you have a good chance. I don't get why he wouldn't call you tho, maybe he doesn't know what you want to do because you are ignoring him. Just talk in person when he is flirting with you and things should take off...if that is what you want :)



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