What should I do about my boyfriend's employee?

My current boyfriend and I were married for 2 years. We had a lot of issues and divorced. I had greatly suspected he had a "thing" with a girl he worked with. We got back together some time later and I'm pregnant with another mans child. We worked through those issues. Here is where my trust fails: I had been to my baby doctor before having sex with him again. I tested clear for everything. We had sex and I suddenly had 2 stds. He admitted to having sex after we divorced with the girl he worked with. I had asked him before engaging in sex if he was clean and told him I was. He said he was. He now has moved up in his job and has a girl working for him that gives me the same gut feeling as the last girl. He is very open about the other girls at school etc he comes in contact with. He texts no other girls really except her. They always have texts going on. I decided to check his phone. Now I have to say he never deletes anything off his phone. But every time I check texts from her the thread has clearly been deleted. I saw one where he asked her to come in early and everything. We are going to counseling and I keep bringing this issue up. I don't know what to do or think. Should I tell him I have been checking his phone? Should I further express my concern?


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  • You have to take into account that it takes around 3-4 months since you get an STI before it shows in a test. If you begun to have sex with your boyfriend after a few weeks of having sex with your previous partner it is possible that he infected you and your test came back clean. If you began to have sex with your current boyfriend and you took the test soon after that, whatever appears in the test it has to be from your previous relationship.


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  • There are some questions I can't even begin to wrap my head around. This is one of them. If he won't admit to cheating but you suspect he is, you are at a crossroads with your relationship.


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  • This doesn't sound worth the trouble the best advice I can give you in dump him and move on.


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