Where do I go from here, what was I just in?

Back 3 moths ago I met a guy I really liked and then a week later a friend gave him my number. After a month of texting we finally went on my very first date tubing. It was not what I had envisioned I was dreadfully terrified at first but it wasn't horrible. After the date we continued texting and we got into some pretty serious conversations. He asked me what I thought about sex before marriage and I was very clear that it would not happen because I didn't believe in it. I'am very strong in my faith and one of the reasons that I liked him so much was because I thought he was too. It became obvious that he did not agree with me on this all though he almost lied about the matter. 5 days ago I sent him a link to a sermon which explained my point of view but I never got a response. I don't necessarily blame him for not answering and don't think he's the best thing for me. Even though we only went on one date he asked me out at least 10x times after, we didn't get the chance to because honestly I was always busy or got too nervous. I just feel kind of broke now we had a lot in common and deffinately had something even though he didn't get the chance to ask me to be his girlfriend. Was I even in a relationship? If he was really into me he wouldn't stop trying too, right? I'm just very confused about what we had. Any advice how to move on? "I'm leaving out a lot of details"


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  • You are entitled to have your requirements respected.

    If he respects you, which it seems very clear to me, he doesn't, he'd have accepted your refusals and treated you with respect, but he didn't, he persisted, he didn't want to take no for an answer, which tells you so much about his lack of character and integrity, and now he's gone away like the little sook he really is.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Your life is yours to do with it what you choose, no one has a right to disrespect your requirements.

    Stick to you guns, respect yourself and never compromise your values, and you will always be respected by those who really matter in your life.


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  • Sounds like the sex/religion was a big issue for him. I would move on, I think if he was still interested he would make it known. But don't feel bad! This is sparing you hurt later on, had you continued. I'm sure you will find a guy out there who shares your views.

    • He claims to have the same views, but he's obviously a guy who would want more then kissing. I think he was willing to deal with me because continued to try after I told him the first time what was off limits, but I didn't think that I could get into a relationship who doesn't have the strong faith I do

    • And I don't blame you. I don't share your views, but I do believe that you should definitely be with someone who shares your view on important issues, otherwise you will eventually hit a wall, especially if you decide to have kids with this person. I think you made the right decision.

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