How to avoid rebounding after a bad break up?

So me and this guy are done, and I really cared for him, a lot. And I feel like I've lost a limb or something. It hurts.

How can I avoid rebounding and getting the wrong attention from the wrong guys.

And when do you think it's OK to start dating again?

And how long does this feeling take to go away?


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  • Just don't drink or don't go to parties where people try to get laid as you'll somehow cave in and say "to hell with it" ! My ex was like that "no I would never do that". She got drunk one day and it happened.

    Just don't imagine sleeping with someone else will get you over the guy. IT'S FALSE ! It will make you feel good for a moment, just before you get the clothes off, then you'll regret it greatly. Even when in the act you'll highly doubt yourself... I heard that from girls..


    I personally wait until I feel something click... I got over her when this other girl stared then smiled at me. It was out of the blue and didn't expect it... that was 5 months after the break with no other dates up to that point...


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  • Don't know why you both are done if you still love him. What a waste.

    Anyway, the feeling will take months to pass. Maybe you will always feel a hole if you really loved him.

    Avoid rebounding by waiting till the feeling has passed for the most part/completely.

    Or just get out there and rebound away, since you only live once. It is your choice.

    Wish you strength!

  • I think when you are over the hurt/anger/and grief of the loss of the relationship then you are ready to date. A rule of thumb is one week for every month you dated.


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