Boyfriends mum wants us to break up.

I've juste entered my final year of high school with my boyfriend and he's just told me that his mum wants him to leave me because she had a friend who's son had a girlfriend in year 12 and he did horribly and his mum fell very ill from stress, and she ended up passing away.

My boyfriend has been telling me we won't spend as much time together this year and he doesn't want stress etc. because he wants to focus all of his energy on school. I never really understood this until he told me about this family friend.

Basically, I need to show him that I won't be a burden/ stressful this year, in fact I'll be here positively as I'll be able to support him and we will be going through the same thing. And I need to show his family that I won't be stressful for him, but I'm not sure of how to do any of this? I feel like he's not putting any work into the relationship and I'm scared this will continue. I've spoken to him about this but he just says that year 12 is top priority. Do other guys feel similar?


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  • He has no idea what he is talking about...or he's just using it as an excuse to break up with you because he's too cowardly to tell you the real reason.

    Ever heard of "Senioritis"? It's a term to describe to describe 12th graders because they've already applied to college, so they're relaxed and unmotivated. At that point, your college application has been sent in and colleges won't be looking at your grades for the 12th year (either both or the final semester).

    Thus, the 11th year (junior year) is actually the top priority in high school. 12th grade should be the easiest and most relaxing year in all of high school.

    • I live in Australia; year 11 is just preparation for year 12, year 12 is where every test, assignment etc count

    • It's not going to get easier. A successful relationship requires a work-life balance.

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  • yes he os right that year 12 is top priority bt he should also have to give some time to as you also wany to spend some the problem that his mother want that he leave you if he does so then he doesn't love you


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  • You can try and tell your boyfriend that you would want to help him out when he is stressed tell him you well be there for him and tell him you love him and if he breaks up because he cares more about his moms feelings just because it happened to his mom's friends adult doesn't mean it well happppen to you two. I hope I helped and goodluck


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