Do girls break up with guys and then expect them to crawl back?

My ex of a year broke up with me and said we could still be friends.

I did not feel comfortable with this arrrangement so I initially said no.

However, a few months of nc passed, and she and I travel in similar circles.

I decided to at least try to be friendly with her when I would run into her. She was cordial enough back to me. But, one time, she seemed to ber flirting with another guy in my presence. I kept my cool and remained civil. However, I decided then that it was time to date/socialize other women, even though I was not prepared to jump into something serious.

Anyway, my new social life got back to my ex, and the next time I approached her to say hello, she was very rude and cold towards.

What gives?

She said she wanted to remain friends. She is the one who broke us up.

She did tell me during the relationship how various guys would hit on her/chase her.

When we broke up, she told me that she had exes, even currently married ones, who would call her for potential hookups.

When I heard all this, I was determined to never ask for her back no matter how much I wanted her. I simply did not want to feed that ego. Besides, I previously tried (at the time of the initial breakup and before she told me about her lingering exes) and she said no.

Still, does anyone believe a woman like this expects to be chased, even when she said she wanted me to go away?

Maybe she had a change of heart of a few months of nc and was waiting for me to make a move? I dunno. I do know she became upset when I seemed to move on.



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  • My advice to you is that is not a woman. That is an insecure childish 20-30 something year old.

    She is too self involved to have an actual relationship with anyone other than herself.

    If she truly cared about you, she would have respected you and not flaunted it in your face about those other guys asking for hook-ups, would not have flirted in front of you.

    Do you really want to be with someone like that?

    It seems as if she gets her self worth from flirting and sexual activities.

    It's a house of glass and one day it will come crashing down and hopefully she will realize that's not the way to get self esteem before that happens.

    She broke up with you? Then she said things that were hurtful? Then she did things out of spite?

    C'mon dude, what do YOU think you should do?

    • yeah..thanks for the much needed slap in the face.

    • It honestly wasn't intended that way. I was merely trying to point out reasons why you should NOT crawl back to someone like that.

      Because you deserve better.

    • I know..i appreciate's sad that it had to end this way. I really did care for her, but if her post break up words and actions display her true colors, I guess I am better off in the long run.

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  • your ex sounds like a hoe ..(she hooks up with married exs WTF)..but anyway maybe after being apart she now gets the attention she needs from those other guys that chase her..she asked you to be friends after the break up,because she still wanted the attention from from.but she doesn't need you anymore so she's cold and distant..just ignore her next time don't say hi to her.she'll be shocked by that.just don't be rude if she says hi to you:)

    • Ha ha..well, in fairness she didn't say she actually hooked up with those married exes. Just that they contacted her for hookups. But, I wonder why she would tell me that, and why these exes feel comfortable enough to ask her for a hookup.

      I do like your idea of stopping saying hi to her. I think she would be shocked if I didn't.

  • IF a guy did something very bad and I broke up because of what he did wrong, then YES, I would expect him to crawl back and try to fix things. However, if she didn't end it over something that you did, then she should not expect that.

  • I suppose some do. I don't, when I break up with someone it's over and when someone breaks up with me it's over. I see no point in going backwards.


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  • There is an epidemic of girls and guys that think they are more important than what they really are.

    This girl sounds like one of them. Those who derive their self worth based on how many people want to hook up with them are going nowhere in life. If someone breaks it off they better be prepared for it to really be over. I know people that keep their exes on speed dial for when an occasion comes up that they need them. (Making the current boyfriend jealous, needing an ego boost, ect...) I say keep the no contact going and work to make your life the best it can be. Leave the trash in the dumpster and focus on what is really important in life.

    • "Leave the trash in the dumpster"...I like that...thanks.

  • I don't think always but it's possible but I'm sure a lot of times they break up and really mean they don't want to see the person anymore.

  • Stop paying attention to the things she does. You care too much for her and she doesn't care for you at all. Why bring up the exes that wanted to hook up with her? Why break-up? Why flirt ?Unfortunately people like these exist.

    Just stop it and mind your own business. Let her chat with whomever she wants. You won't have a hard time finding a better girl than this one... I'm sorry to say that. I know it must be hard for you but reading through the things you wrote. It's a waste of time and energy on your side. Not worth it !

    • Thanks. Logically, I know you are right. Emotionally, it's another story.

  • If a girl broke up with me, that relationship is over and I don't believe in seconds chances.


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