Need advice about a break up.

How can a girl be mad into you the night before and have no interest the next day


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  • Emotional instability, emotional immaturity, and a lack of self awareness. The possibility that she has someone is still possible but not valid therefore its irrelevant. Sometimes girls stomp stomp stomp till they get a response from the guy she likes. I'm telling you if she didn't like you, it wouldn't phase her out that much. There are so many possibilities, she can be just using you as a distraction, she could potentially just realized how much she digs you and she got scared, so she acts aloof. Maybe she doesn't really know relationships, thereby playing "hard to get" don't wanna look desperate or clingy. Also could be fronting that she does, maybe its all in your head and she thought of you as a friend or maybe its the fact that she talked to some girlfriends and she heard bad things about you, or they said he sounds like a loser , lets go out a guy hunt! , she wants you to c hase harder, yaddy yaddy all irrelevant till you confront her about it.

    "Can we talk? I felt a sense of distance and difference from you, is everything alright?"

    if she's mature she'll be honest about it if not she'll make it look like you're over thinking. In that case, drop her, a relationship can only be healthy if two know how to confront others and deal with things than to stew things in and have unrealistic expectations.


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  • most likely when women do that they already had someone else interested in them in mind. or maybe there was just some things she felt she couldn't express to you and she may have believed breaking up was the best option. other than that I don't see why someone would flip like that.

    usually its the ex that comes back into their life or simply someone else that caught their attention


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  • Women are like that. They can just turn it on and off like a light switch. When it's off, they are as cold hearted and logic oriented as a machine.


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