Is there any way I can turn this around?

So my girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me about 5 weeks ago, she just said that she wasn't feeling it anymore and thought it was best we broke up... I was completely surprised because not even a month before she broke up with me she was telling me how happy I made her and how much she loved me, and she claimed that it wasn't anything that I did or didn't do and she said that there wasn't another guy, she just said she wasn't feeling it anymore. I was so confused cause she seemed really upset when she broke with me so I don't see how she could claim she wasn't feeling it anymore. I haven't contacted her since then, I've had a lot of time to think and have a lot clearer mind set that what I did when we first broke up. I'm thinking about calling her up sometime soon and asking if she would want to meet up and talk.

so if you have any advice on how I could handle the situation that might be able to help our relationship I would appreciate it! anything important that I should ask her if she agrees to meet up would be helpful too


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  • Have you changed in anyway since you first got into the relationship? Are you too predictable? Did you use to flirt with her and say cute things and that slowly went away? Please try and answer this with as much information as possible so I can attempt at helping you :)

    • I don't think that I've changed in any major ways since the relationship started, I might of been some what predictable but I tried to do new things with her whenever I had the chance. I probably said less cute/flirty things to her as the relationship went on because she stopped acting she cared when I did. at this point I just don't know If there would be any point in contacting her, or if I should just give up and move on, I just don't think she wants me anymore. but Id want to make it work

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    • Exactly. What have you got to lose anyway? You have already lost her (sad truth). Good luck, hope she comes to her senses. If not, hope you find someone you deserve, the fact you are asking this sort of questions proves how caring and sweet you are :)

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  • The spark probably fizzled. Maybe it's a cry out for you to be more attentive, more romantic. Or maybe she just realized you are not the one for her, and she needs a breather.


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  • It's not easy to talk someone back into a relationship if they don't want to try again. But doing nothing is bound to keep it from rekindling. I'm not sure what "not feeling it anymore" means either. The questions I would ask are about why she told you she was happy and that she loved you so much recently. What changed since then? Was that not true then? If it was true, then could it be that her feelings now are temporary or unrelated to you?


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