Am I wrong for leaving my then 'bf'?

two of his sister in laws, came into my work, a week before Christmas, yelling 'bitch, cunt, fucking pussy, don't you dare write any more on Facebook etc about my family'

then I was told not to bring it up during Christmas

then I broke up with him on the 26th.

then he said 'let's try to work it out'

but he said also to 'ignore it'

well, he did nothing to confront them, so I left him.

what creeps me out is they wanted my phone number and aren't direct friends of mine (blocked on fb) - oh well, glad I changed my number, they can't stalk me


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  • What did you put on you Facebook?

  • You were not wrong for leaving him.. You ARE wrong for second guessing your most excellent decision and asking this d*b azz question... Why are you questioning it? This kid didn't stand up for you but backed out like whre... you did the right thing.. he's probably not into girls anyway...

    • hey thanks. I am going through a rough time so, if I ask a dumb question, forgive me

    • No problem.. I think you made the right choice with the break up, just not sure why you're questioning your decision? But Ok.. Hope things get better for you, I understand you're going through a tough time,

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