Trying to move on from break up (four months ago).

Gonna get straight to the point here. I had been broken up with from a lying and undeserving military stud a few months back and now I want someone new. Someone to be my friend and someone I can spend time with and trust. Sadly I'm a black girl who goes to a school with ninety percent whites and like 10 percent of differet races. I get comments that I'm hot and I'm perfect according to the girls who want my mom to do their hair like mine. LOL But I really want to be with someone else. I don't have many friends outside of school and I also have a rather large personality (crazy, loud, intimidating, funny) I go to Staples High School one of the best in CT but I need to know what the key is to meeting more people (guys). My two closest friends just got awesome boyfriends that I completely approve of because the two guys are perfect for them, But I at least want to have a date for Valentine's day lol. Don't think I'm desperate. I don't want any guy I want someone I actually am\will be interested in... But I have bad luck when it comes to men.. Any advice on how to meet new guys and how make them want you more then just see you as that cool chick that's funny and one of the guys but gorgeous but I would never date her (the guys say that). Okay I'm talking too much... I love this website haha... but no seriously help me. I'm jittery as hell


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  • I'm going a breakup right now myself and it sucks like fuck. I wished some things were a little different in my relationship that lasted for 2 years and ended like has if I was no one to her. The point us, from a guys point of view I would say don't think that just by the looks that he's going to be perfect. Give some people that are not your expectations the way you imagine your man to be but you might be surprised by how much they'll try to make you feel special. Go out , have fun but the only thing that you should worry about is your overall picture. Just be who you really are and I'm so sure you'll find someone who will really appreciate you the way you want. From your picture, you look very beautiful, sexy, cool and fun to be around with. So I wouldn't worry about you making your self fit in. Be yourself like I said and give a chance to someone that you might not be thinking as perfect in your eyes. Life can surprise you ;). take care of yourself girl and hope you cop with this easily. :)

Valentines Day

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Valentines Day