Why would my ex say that?

My boyfriend of 8 months broke up with me around 6 months ago. We met up one month after BU because I wanted my things back and he suggested getting drinks afterward and caught up. Then we sorta remain in contact, but never really caught up or meet up again.

2 months ago (4 months post-BU), I started going to climbing groups, I knew my ex used to go to one of them, so I went to the other one. But then I found out my ex actually goes to both. So from time to time we would see each other at climbing, we are sorta friendly with each other. He would sometimes say hi and initiate conversation with me but I never really start a conversation with him

I became good friends with some of the climbers there and we would hang out. One time I was drinking with one of them, who turned out to be also friends with my ex. He didn't know me and him used to date and told me "He(my ex) said that he couldn't go to that group anymore because his ex (me) goes there now"

I don't know when my ex said that. But just wondering why he would say it.

He broke up with me because he thinks "we are comfortable but it doesn't mean it's gonna go anywhere...he's been thinking for a few weeks and that I am getting obsessed with the relationship...we haven't seen each other for two weeks (he never initiated contact or minimally replied mine)"


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  • well if he thought you were getting obsessed with the relationship he probably thinks you joined the climbing group on purpose to be close to him or to purposely make his hobby awkward for him by ignoring him and making friends with all his climbing friends so he's decided to leave and go elsewhere.


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