Dated a French guy in Paris and now I miss him.

While I was studying in Paris last semester I was dating this French guy whom I still think about a lot. I met him 3 days after I arrived so we were dating basically the entire time. A few days before I left he took me on one last date where we went up the Eiffel Tower, where we kissed at the top, then an art gallery, a fancy Italian dinner, and then back to my place where he helped me study for my French final (and OK we made out a lot too! :P) he asked for my Facebook since we hadn't added each other on it (he doesn't use it at all) and he said he would start using it so he could message me all the time while I'm gone so we could still talk. Then mid-kiss he stopped and said "please don't go..I don't want you to go..stay.." Which really broke my heart because I really like him :(

I've been back home for almost 2 months now, but he hasn't messaged me on Facebook and I haven't messaged him either because he's never on it and I don't like being the one making the first move.. I really can't stop thinking about him but I can't help thinking that if he really cared as much as he showed me while we were together then he would've already said something by now...should I move on or get over my phobia of being the first to initiate contact?


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  • If you guys dated and you both share feelings what's wrong with messaging and telling him you miss him. Who cares who messaged first... is it worth never talking to him again, don't let your phobia affect your reasoning. GL


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