Should we have another chance?

So my boyfriend and I broke up a little over a month ago but haven't stopped speaking, my family loves him and visa versa. He was my first real love and my feelings haven't changed for him at all and I'm pretty sure he still feels the same towards me.

My family love him so much my grandfather invites him to dinner with us regularly and buys certain drinks as he's diabetic so can only drink sugar free drinks for when he comes over.

Do you think it's worth us trying again?


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  • If your family loves him that's a very good sign. It all depends though, I don't really know why you guys broke up, so I'm not sure if he's worth the second chance. I mean if he killed someone no way in hell, but if it was some stupid fight then yea get back together. Your the one who has to make that decision. Would getting back together be so worthwhile that you could look past the reason you two broke up?

    • We argued because he was working a lot and so was I so we had no time to see each other. It was a stupid argument and yes, I do think we can look past that reason.

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