Was my ex boyfriend seeing someone else all along?

I was with my ex for about a year. He didn't treat me overly well the whole way through, sometimes he was nice, but a lot of the time he was disrespectful. I gave it a real go and did whatever I could for him, but then he did something and it was like the straw that broke the camel's back.

I had enough, so I broke up with him and explained to him all the reasons why. He said he understood some of the reasons, but he broke down in tears and said he loved me so much. He begged me to stay friends.

We have just gone 3 weeks of not seeing each other, but have text each other and I have realized I really miss him and he told me the same. He even invited me to visit him and talk about things.

Suddenly 3 weeks after our break up I see on Facebook he has a new girlfriend, which means he must have been pursuing her whilst we were either still together or just after the break up.

I don't understand it, because he said the break up was a shock. How could he have moved on so fast unless he was seeing her already?

What do you think? I'm really hurting from the fact he just moved on, like I meant nothing.


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