My current Ex talking bad about me to my other Ex.

So my current ex ,and I broke up this week... My guy friend, saw him talking to my other ex and the other ex's new girlfriend (which is a weird situation because both my exes hated eachother). My friend overheard my current ex talking bad about me to them, making up all these things about me saying I didn't have a life, and I didn't go out ever, etc. Then, he goes on to make fun of me for not having my licence yet (even though I explained the reason I had to wait a bit longer). I always felt like my current ex never listened to me, so I doubt he remembers anything I say. My other ex tried to defend me to him though. I don't get why my current ex is even talking to my other ex. Why was he badmouthing me? Should I try to confront him or is it best to leave the situation alone? I just really don't want him going around making up stuff about me. I think if I were to message him telling him to stop, he'd either deny it or ignore it :/ When we brokeup, he was the one saying he wasn't sure if he wanted to be together, but then he was saying all these things that hinted he still wanted to be. (He has asphergers so I'm not sure if that plays a part in this)


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  • Just let it go.

    He's badmouthing you because the relationship ended just days ago. He's in the recovery process and like it or not, badmouthing is a common recovery method.

    As for why they're even talking when they used to not like each other? It should be obvious...they both have something in common now: you as an ex. They can bitch and moan about you together and it will make them both probably feel better. And if the former ex is over it, at least he can probably understand some of the things the latter ex is talking about when he rants about you.

    When he gets over it he'll stop.


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  • More common than you think this situation, the reason is if one ex can get the other ex to agree with the way or pattern of how your relationship was then in convinces and reasures them that they was a complete saint and it was all your fault!


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