Boyfriend left me while I was sleeping and I haven't heard from him since.

Hi everybody!. So I came here for some advice and was wondering if anybody can help me out. So here's what's going on...

This past Sunday night, my boyfriend "disappeared". I wasn't feeling well and went to bed early (around 8:00pm)...and at some point afterward, he came in and was talking to me a bit and was saying things like "sorry you don't feel good", "I hope you feel better"...and he asked me if I was mad that he didn't come to bed with me, which I replied no cause I wasn't...and the last thing I remember is him saying "I love you", me groggily saying it back and that was it. I woke up later and he was gone... I grew a little bit concerned, but remembered that his parents live right down the street from my house so I figured that he went there for the night to let me "sleep off my sickness".

So the next morning I went about my usual routine but along came 10:00am and I still didn't hear anything from him. At this point, I grew very concerned. Now I know this may have been "harsh" but I figured I would call the cops and see if anything could be done. I mean, I didn't know if he was lying in a ditch somewhere, if he was safe, etc... So anyway, the cop came over to my house and took my report and then finally left to try to find him...and about 45 minutes later, the cop contacted me and said they were able to locate my boyfriend and that he is okay, but that's all the information that he would give. Now that was 5 days ago...and I haven't heard anything from him at all...not one text, not one call, nothing...

Now to make the story even more complex than this, here's this little tidbit of information. He left ALL of his things at my house. His clothes, his computer, his playstation, everything!. The only things he left with was the clothes on his back and the shoes on his feet. But...including all of those things, he also left his phone...and password protected at that (which he never did while we were together). Now I know that may not be a good sign, but I'm not jumping to conclusions. Another thing that happened is he deactivated his Facebook page. I thought maybe he blocked me and that's why I couldn't find it, however, I went on my friends list one day and his name still popped up but his profile picture was blank, so I clicked on it and it said that this account has been deactivated.

I'm completely confused and devastated over this. Everything between us was going great!. We were always joking around with each other and telling each other we love you...we were making plans for the summer...we literally just purchased a new car together...I mean, this was completely unexpected.

Just a little bit more of information before ending, he has two children and was in the process of going through a divorce with his soon to be ex-wife. I can imagine that there is a chance that he went back to her, but I really have no idea...

If anybody has any advice to give, I would really appreciate it!. Thanks in advance for your help!.


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  • I think you exaggerated the situation by calling the cops, but ok..that was your decision. I also don't really understand why he just disappeared like this without talking to you about it first and why did you start a relationship with someone who isn't completely divorced? Whatever. I would really like to help you, but I just don't know what to say anymore. What he did is just way too mysterious. Is there any way you can contact him and ask him wtf is he doing or why did he just disappear like this?


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