Broke up 2 hours later hospital. am I jinxed. does he care?

was seeing a guy for 2 months. it was full on but the last week he was acting different a bit cold and just not making me feel good.i confronted him about it but he kept saying I was imagining things. I caught him out in a few lies so I decided to end things last night. straight away I deleted him off Facebook. then 2 hpurs later at 1am a cabinet collapses on me I had to go hospital. I snap chat him me in hospital. he calls me at 7am I was not available to talk but he doesn't evej message saying what is wrong are you ok? just a missed call which he could hv simply been testing did I block his number. should I just ignore him if he tries to contact again.i meam how mean? not even concerned?


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  • Absolutely ignore his calls, you made him an ex for a reason, don't start going backwards, what's the point in that, you need to go forward and get better men interested in you, otherwise he will be the best your ever get, so don't stop here, take this as your chance to evolve into the world of better men,x


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  • Well of course he's concerned. You *did* date even if only for like 60 days. And you were the one who snap chated him you in the hospital it'd be a major dick move on your part to ignore him now.

    • me ignore him? I would ignore him now ciz he isn't even asjing me if I am alrught! how am I the bad one?

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    • i did not block his number. I said he probably rung to check if I had blocked his number. rather than ringing out of concern.

    • My guess would be that he called out of concern. No one calls to see if their number is blocked when the person they're trying to call just told them they were in the hospital.

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