1 year and I still think of her everyday?

Me and my ex broke up one year ago after 3 years together. Since then I Haven't been able to sleep in my bed, I sleep on the couch, it hurts too much, every where I go I am reminded of her, old memories come back like ghosts. she cheated on me with another guy, she got enganged and moved to North Carolina with him. But I still see her, not in person, but her memory. Every where I go, a song she loved plays on the radio its like she's riding shot gun with me again, late at night when I'm going to bed I toss and turn thinking of her. I never thought I could love someone like that, I never thought I would still be thinking of her. How should I go about this, all I want is to find someone else, feel that way again, and have a best friend I can talk to about anything with.


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  • As hard as it is, you have to now push yourself to move on, sweetie. I realize, from everyrthing she did to you, that you have the "ghost of yesterday" following you like a demon, constantly reminding you of someone you loved very much, but in turn, who hurt you so bad that it left a terrible scar behind.

    Try to get out more, get involved with your friends, and perhaps this will help take your mind off of your pain and anguish. It's been a year now, so it is high time you did find another, who will love and respect you more than she ever did.

    Might I suggest going online to start your "sweetheart search." many people today are doing this, and many times it Does have great results. Find a reputable site, and create a charming, fresh profile, where you can begin again a new life. Sometimes it does take a long time to find the right one again, still "riding shot gun" with the ones from the past, and might I also suggest something else:

    Get rid of the old bed, buy a used one, and try hard to block out the songs of her and-----what you both once had.

    Good luck.xx


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  • If she cheated on you, she's not worth your time.

    By dwelling on the past you're letting her control you even after she's gone.

    The easiest way to get over someone is to thoroughly examine your relationship and recall all the bullshit they put you through. Was she really that great? Through pink glasses - yes. Try looking at it realistically. I bet she wound you up a lot at times, acted selfishly and was generally a bitch.

    Think about it: she cheated on you. That means she had ZERO respect for you and your feelings. This is a cuntbag, who cares only for herself and she sure as hell isn't worth your heartache.

    If you focus on all the bad things she has done, the love will fade away that much faster.

    ^ Personal experience, worked great for me. Was moping for months until I used this method. Never have I gotten over someone as fast before.

    • Agreed and very well stated.

      I so want to swipe that term "cuntbag" LOL!

      I would also add that if you have any mementos laying around of her, to put them in a box and hide them somewhere that you don't have to keep seeing them.

      As time goes on, you will see that this girl isn't everything you thought she was and will remove her from the pedestal on which she has been placed.

      When you truly love someone, it doesn't just go away over night. It takes time to heal, but it will happen.

  • I am going through pretty much the same thing... All you can do is remind yourself over and over of the bad times.. It will help you get over it...

  • aww :( remind yourself always she's a cheater.. she isn't worthy of your love, of you. focus on the negative things about her.

  • It's good you are able to open up and talk here, even though we are distant new cyber buddies all learning from each other. I feel your pain. Try visiting a grief group in your area. I sense some older sadness before you ever met her. I can only speak for me, but going to a bereavement group and crying in front of people really helped me get support. Use a relative who passed away who meant something to you as a pretext. Keep asking newer more detailed questions. You gotta get this crap out. You deserve to meet someone honest. Good thing you are.

    • I guess I cared more. All I know is, that now I know why a lot of guys seem "not to care" never again will I ever get that attached. I will never let anyone do that to me again.

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  • The good ones don't come around often. Once in a lucky rainbow ending do you get a good one.


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  • Maybe you should move away. Get a job somewhere else. Try your best to forget about her. It's a long road but it's worth it

  • Just think about find someone else besides its better to look forward in life than live in the past


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