Dating Ex boyfriend's friend? Ex boyfriend actions over this, Why?

I have been hanging out with a friend of my Ex boyfriend, that is all. Other people obviously told my Ex boyfriend that me and his friend was dating. Which is not true in any way what so ever. My Ex boyfriend called him and asked his friend why he didn't tell him. His friend told him that we have been talking and hanging out. Nothing else. Two days later my Ex boyfriend text me that he knows and he doesn't give a sh*t and hopes I am happy. I text my Ex boyfriend that he is wrong and whatever he heard is not true. He then text back whatever is what it is and he don't care.

Would it be wrong and disrespectful towards my Ex boyfriend if his friend and I did start dating?

Does my Ex boyfriend still have feelings and that is why he is questioning and seemingly upset or hurt?

Should I try talking to my Ex?

Please share any advice.

Thank You in advance


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  • It's very disrespectful for a man to date his friend's ex. This is a line most decent men do not cross. The guy you wish to date has no morals or scruples and this shows by his hanging out with his buddy's ex. You both know that your ex does not like what the two of you are doing. Stop pretending that you're not sure about what's going on and feigning stupidity.

    Yes, if you have any sense to honour or ethics, you will talk to your ex boyfriend and tell him that you feel bad about what you have done. If you date his buddy, he will have the strongest of contempt for you both, as any man would.


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