Boyfriend called me this? what to do?

we've been dating for about 5 months now. I'm his first girlfriend. I was hanging out with him and his mom. I wanted pizza hut which my boyfriend and his mom usually get Dominoes. He asked his mom if we could get Pizza hut since I wanted it. We were all just having a good time but we got Dominoes instead. I'm pretty lazy haha so his mom got out of the car to get the pizza and asked for boyfriend's help with carrying the pizza so he was going to go help her, he said "Do you want to come? " I smiled saying "Naw. I'll just stay in the car." He said "You sure?" And I smiled and giggled saying "Yes" he said "Lazy sh*t".

I suddenly went off on him and said "What did you call me?!?!?!" He paused for a long time and I said "Don't you dare call me that!" He had a pause and said he's sorry. I ignored him and started playing on my phone. He kept staring at me and I said "Aren't you going to go?!" He said "Yeah" in a sort of sad type voice I don't know and left to go help his mom. 5 minutes later, they came into the car.

I was still ignoring him which the whole ride was pretty quiet. He texted me "Sorry" but I ignored it. We were home and his mom was asking me what movies I would like to watch. I just kept quiet the whole time but eventually said a specific movie. I asked if I could lay down in boyfriend's room and he said sure and went with me. He stood infront of me and started staring "I'm really sorry. I didn't know you would take offense to that." I just said "k." In a pissy tone. He put a cover on me since I was laying down. I guess he was joking but still..


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  • As his mother was with you on many occasions - you are a family choice for him. Your relationship can be turned into a family member in due course of time. Ignore what had happened once, he will never do it again - as his behave indicates and enjoy good relationship of that family.


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  • Maybe he was joking?!

    You girls take things so bloody literally all the time. How was his tone of voice when he said it - I can bet $20 that he was at least grinning after he said it.

    Just forgive him ffs ... avoid this shit in the future.


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  • Okay so here's the deal about boys. They say really stupid stuff. Like, all the time. And it doesn't go away with age.

    He was trying to joke with you probably and instead it came out like he was talking to a guy friend. You're his first girlfriend - you need to tell him what is and is not acceptable in a relationship. He' got the message.

    You don't need to continue ignoring him about this. He knows not to do it again. You should, however, give him the honor of sitting him down and explaining calmly to him why you did not like him saying that. Right now all he knows is not to do it again not why not to do it again.


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