Have I moved on? I'm scared of liking guys

I think I'm over my ex, not sure tho, he cheated on me with his current girlfriend. We brokeup almost a year ago. I dun care if they are still tgt, but when I try to be interested in a guy I find really cute or hot I just think about the horrible relationship I had with him. I get so scared, and push guys away and because of this I can't bring myself have feelings for anyone. I don't know wht to do or whether I really moved on.


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  • It sounds like you're not ready yet which is fairly understanding.

    You just have to let guys earn your trust. Don't invest too much too soon. Its not wrong for you to do that, being wise pays but pushing every guy away... I don't think that's the way to go. Take baby steps. Just rember that everything is a process. You don't have to rush anything. Forget about that ex. A much better guy awaits you. All the best :)


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