Why do you think a guy would try and leave something extremely sentimental behind after a breakup?

My boyfriend broke up with me almost a week ago. We had a blast,but he also has some insecurity issues and I believe that to be the culprit. Anyway,he knows that I love Snoopy,so when he visited his home in Europe he brought back a cute keychain pouch that has Snoopy on it. He has had that pouch for 20YEARS! Inside the pouch he put little trinkets that represented love,luck,wealth etc. Even a small pebble that he got from a special vacation he took.

He of course didn't say why he wanted to part ways,but when I gave the pouch back...along with keys to his apt,he asked will,"Will you at least take the keychain pouch?" I said,"I can't do that."

Why do you think he would want to leave something so sentimental behind? To me it doesn't make sense.



Most Helpful Guy

  • For the same reason why a woman would do it to a man - to make you think of them. Whether that is out of spite, or some wish to get back together is something we can't tell you, because we don't know them.


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  • Strange that he'd break up with you and do that.

    Perhaps he was FORCED -somehow- maybe by you pushing his boundaries, to let you go. Even though he still really cares.

    Anyway, my ex sent me the first bracelet I ever gave her back. But other pieces of jewelry which meant a lot more to her.

    What do you think that says?


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  • I dunno. Perhaps as a parting gift to say "I'm sorry I broke your heart."

    My last boyfriend did something similar. I think it's a way to ease their own guilt, especially if they like you as a person and just don't want to be with you.


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