Did I wait to late? Is he over me? please help!!!

I'm totally confused. So I've been friends with this guy for 8 yrs, might as well say were best friends because we tell each other everything. More recently we had been hanging out a lot and the tension between was crazy. At first I thought maybe it's just me but I noticed he started flirting with me a lot. Finally one time we were hanging out and he kinda came on to me. We where hanging out watching a movie and he leaned down in his seat and was just looking at me lustfully and licking his lips. I was nervous so I kind of ignored it. I don't know if I hurt his feelings or what but the day after he made it official with someone else (but he doesn't know that I know) . After that we still hung out but he always seemed nervous. For example he came over my house and we were watching TV together and he put his arm on the back of the couch behind me then took it down, then he did it again and then reached in and started playing in my hair(it was so cute). Now what has me confused is I finally told him how I felt. To sum it up I told him I had feelings for him and that if he didn't feel the same I don't want things to change between us because I didn't want to lose his friendship. But his response was so weird he said he didn't know I felt that way and would never jeopardize our friendship. I don't if I just expected him to say more but his answer was weird to me because he was the one coming on to me. I will say that he said he was in complete shock and didn't know really know what to say at first. So do you think he needs time to think? Do you guys think I waited to late? Or maybe I gave him mixed signals because I was so nervous and shy. I just want some other opinions.


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  • I think he's an ass if he's doing those things. First the coming onto you, and then making it official with some other girl a day after and then still flirting with you. I think he didn't deserve to know how you felt. He's playing one of you so which one is the only question... It sounds like you didn't do much wrong and that he just wanted to get with you or is practicing for the other girl.


What Girls Said 1

  • I'm confused...you said it's weird because you know he likes guys, are you a guy?

    • No I'm a girl...this is why this whole situation is confusing.

    • Ok, gotcha =) so he's gay, well some gay guys just act that way towards female friends. Here's nothing wrong with you asking him to not act like that around you because of mixed signals though. Are you sure he only likes boys?

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