Reaching out to his ex

Hi guys,

I finally left a horrible boyfriend after reading emails between him and his ex. He told me she was crazy but the emails proved quite the contrary. Although I never met the ex I saw myself in those emails. He treated us both terribly. I want to thank the ex because if it weren't for those emails I would have still been in denial. Without knowing it, she probably saved my life. What's the best way to thank her? I do have her contact info. I don't wanna come across as creepy or dramatic.


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  • Sweetie, sometimes it is fate that brings someone "special to us," someone almost like a guardian angel, to show us the way, and save us from nearly making a fatal mistake.

    In your case, it was your horrible boyfriend's Angel ex girlfriend, and I can well imagine, it had to have been something pretty bad for you to feel---you owe her your life.

    No, I am sure she would Not think you were coming across as "creepy or crawly," and the very appreciative thought of just showing her how grateful you are for what she has done, will in turn earn You both----a set of angel wings.:))xx

  • Maybe it is best to let it go... it would come off weird if you contacted her to let her know you read her private emails with your/her ex. The important thing is you are no longer in a bad relationship


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