What should I do in this case?

I had an interest in guy for a few months. He apparently realized it, but his friends said told him to inform me how he feels. he informed me he likes to get to know me better, but he is unsure if he likes me. He claims he unnecessarily feel the same way as I feel , but undecided of possibly becoming more than friends. Should I move on?


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  • Why not, as long as you agree that if there's no click you'll say goodbye to each other or just be friends, why not? The fact that he's honest is important.

    It may work or not, but I don't think you can do anything wrong. Just don't fall in love after an hour with him or you could feel very unhappy shortly afterward if things don't work out.

    Thumbs up. Good luck!


What Girls Said 1

  • I have found, that if I have a certain chemistry with a certain guy, friends with no benefits is the best way to start. Learning all about one another, first nurturing the friendship. Then down the road if things become more serious, can be discussed like two mature adults who are now ready. It's healthier and wiser to "begin the beguine" like this.

    Unless you are planning to tie the knot with some other guy tomorrow, give this One a shot. He is obviously a bit muddled and for loss of words and bird brained, because he feels you have put him on the spot with your sudden sweet interest. Most guys don't want to rush right into anything heavy. They want to take things slow and easy, and get to know the girl better. They Will get "cold duck feet" and fly the coup if they feel in any way trapped or ready for the pot. Today's guys are different than yesterday's "wing women warriors," and it's best to treat them with kid gloves.

    This decision lies in your nest, sweetie. It's entirely up to you, of course. But as I tell everyone, there is nothing in life for sure but death and taxes, and when it comes to "slapping the golden goose ring or---just a commitment sign on some guys, you need to tread the waves gently.xx

    • Why is he unsure if he likes me? How can you be undecided to become more than friends? I am just confuse with him.

    • I explained to you here, that he may have cold feet now that he knows you are interested in him. He doesn't want to rush into anything heavy, but to take it slow. Don't pressure him, keep it light for now, and feel him out for future relationship. He wants friends for now. Re read my message, sweetie, will best tell you this...xx

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