How do I get her back?

She told her friends she has a crush on me I talked to her a lot at the gym she is a staff member there she flirts with me a lot laughs gigglys smiles when she sees me when it was her birthday I gave her chocolate then kissed her cheeks 2 times for a birthday kiss because I knew she had a crush on me then her co-workers saw it and told me no then I said I am sorry to to her then she told its its OK its OK then one week later I e-mail her then her co-workers said she is feel uncomfortable I asked when can I talk to her they said when is she ready to talk she will tell you what does this all mean her friends told me she liked me why she acting this way?


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  • Apparently, from the "lingo" you are jumbling around here, sweetie, she found this to be an awkward moment for her. Although it Appeared to be a "crush," was then, By her spelling it out and ---spilling her guts out----- to her work force friends, to be a blow to your ego when you found out that she didn't have fancy pants feelings for you, and now it has come down to This. By the sounds of things, You both got a "surprise" in the end.

    I Do, however, blame her for indirectly leading You on, but perhaps instead of a "peck on the cheek" for her special day, you should have initiated a "shake of her hand." Ethics, more than etiquette, sweetie.

    Girls, just like today's guys, are very unpredictable, to say the least. And now, you are finding yourself in a "tongue and red cheek" moment, where She is Not saying Anything but: "Don't email me, I'll email you."

    Give it some time, and don't pressure her right now. She most likely will come around in her own sweet time. Although I see no big deal here, some girls are "closed mouthed" when it comes to guys who take them by surprise, and don't reciprocate easily--nor politely-----to a "forward friend." Let this be a lesson learned, from being burned, in the future.xx

    • For anyone here who has been in the dark, it's dealing with the "Sweet 16 kiss."xx

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    • are you sure? why did she feel uncomfortable with the kiss on her birthday she is a staff member at the gym? it was a birthday kiss!

    • Didn't I read here that she was coming around? giggling with her friends?

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