Help for giving things a second chance?

So, my ex and I have decided to give things a second chance after being apart for about 7 months. We both recognise we made mistakes and both still feel strong for each other, even if it's not quite how it was when we first got together. We both believe we can feel the same way again and plan to take it slow.

I'm wondering does anyone have any ideas that could help make it easier? Or their own story? What are some good ways to get to know each other again? Should we refrain from intimacy for a while? Neither of us have done anything like this before so we're not sure how to go about it. We're both aware that it may not work, as second chances rarely do, but we're still willing to try.


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  • i kinda can relate :). I just let him pursue me again.. well we know each other very well already so we just more of like discussed the problem we had that lead to the breakup. he also proved to me that he has changed and assured me that it will not happen again. I felt the sincerity and I know he regretted it very much so... hmm when it comes to sex, yeah we did not engaged on any sexual activities simply because he isn't my boyfriend yet. I acted like a virgin haha! ^-^


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