Move on or keep fighting?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over 2 years and we live together and I love him so much! But lately we have been fighting a lot and we finally decided we needed to just take a break... well now he wants me back and keeps telling me he hopes it's not to late but I don't know anymore... I even started talking to another guy, not cheating on my boufriend, just talking, but I'm starting to like him... I need some advice... anything! Thank you!


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  • Woaw that was quick from your side. You guys had a little fight and you already found somebody else. You ever though that maybe he is a wrong guy for you, I mean if you TRULY love him you wouldn't be talking to another guy but you do, meaning that you don't really love him even though you experiencing that feeling. Because of your uncertainty I would give you a suggestion to take a little time of 2-4 weeks and see what does your heart really saying to you. I think you need somebody else I think you kind of ready to get somebody else for whatever reason you have inside of you. Don't be afraid to ask your self those kind of questions, don't lie to your self talk to your self about what is really going on and what exactly do you want and looking for and why.

    • Well and I know that sounded bad but we have been fighting for months now and they are never littl3 anymore and we have been on this break for about 3 weeks... plus the guy I'm talking to is an old friend that I just kinda started talking to again... but yea thanks... that's probably the best thing to do

    • having fights ones in a super while IS healthy, but what you described is not and it is just a disaster waiting to happen. Think of it like this, whatever happened happened for a good reason, maybe it is time for both of you to realize it just not working out if you have huge fights right now? can you Imagine who will happen in the future? you cannot have those kind of things when you have kids (just saying) it is a very bad thing to do in-front of them, bad life example.

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  • it seems to me that if you've been dating for 2 years you shouldn't feel so ready to talk to another guy and move on so quickly if there was anything left with your ex. to me that says that long ago you lost that "loving feeling" because otherwise you probably wouldn't be ready to move on.

    so move on or keep fighting?

    it sounds like you've already started moving on


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  • I take it you have moved out of the house to take your break? Or perhaps he packed a bag?

    Regardless, it was obviously a good decision on both your parts, for Now it is looking as though you have had time to think, do some serious soul searching of your own, and in this time span of "separation," you have almost "over nite" started----a whole new life.

    I think you are feeling deep inside, although perhaps not having Yet admitted it to neither yourself nor openly, that you Are very independent, that you are very strong, and that you are quite capable of finding new love, and perhaps Want to, because "lately,"(or maybe even before), the "fighting and friction" that you found was going on in your own love nest, was starting to be this pattern that was starting, and seemingly to me Bad enough, where you couldn't take it anymore and just took this "break."

    Although he wants you back, and I am quite sure he does, and most likely misses his girl of two years, I believe, with the way things are going Now in your life, and the confusion you are also feeling, it is Not a good idea, nor a Smart idea, to have him return into what might just end up to be a Total break-up---this time around. If he would ever get wind of what you have been starting behind his back with this newbie, all hell would break Out, sweetie. Although it is not considered cheating "physically," it Is a form of "lying to yourself," that you are in the beginning stages of new found feelings for another guy.

    Don't allow him to come near you, or even unpack a bag, until you are absolutely certain you want him back, and that would mean also---in your bed again.

    You also might want to ask yourself something else that you may have forgotten. Could things ever be the same again, or if You----would ever want them to be?xx

    • Thank you... I mean yea what you said is something I've been thinking a lot about... especially the fact of if things can go back to being the same and I don't know anymore... but thank you... it makes sense.. just have to think some more I guess

    • You are so very welcome. I am On your side..You don't have a a legal agreement with the boyfriend, so from where I am sitting, you can go with who you want, and do as you wish. It's knowing What is best for you, for this Is a delicate situation, that if Not handled carefully, could escalate big time. I can feel it. Stay at "arms length" for now, and play it cool. Do some more soul searching. You have plenty of time and ---plenty of space. Don't let him or anyone put the power wash on you.

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