Is he cheating on me with the secretary?

So I have been seeing this guy for a while and every day he leaves our break early to go talk with our boss about anything. So one day I walk with him to our boss' office and I see the secretary standing outside the door. She gives him a big smile and he walks in with her. He only smiled and said hi. I trust him and he told me really cares about me but I don't know. Am I overreacting or what? I do not want to be clingy.


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  • So...she just smiled at him? That's hardly enough reason to believe he's cheating. If you're that jealous and insecure then perhaps you shouldn't be in a relationship with him. Trust is important and based on the information you gave here, you're mistaking simple friendliness for an affair. You're overreacting.

    • Okay. You're right. I will stop. Thanks!

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  • with the evidence on the table you're really overreacting. A secretaries job is to be pleasant.

    need a lot more proof than a smile

    • Okay. Thanks! I will stop overreacting.

  • Well if you trust him that much then there is nothing to worry about unless of course if he stains his shirt with lipstick all the time then you will have to worry about something.

  • That's pretty flimsy evidence.

    • So I should not overreact? Thanks.

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    • Well what about when you catch your lover in bed with another?

    • Normal reaction would be to break up immediately. Overreaction is to burn the house down with them in it.

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  • Secretaries (pretty ones)are notorious for sleepin around in the company.

    • I know which is why I freaked out. But he does not seem like the cheating type.

    • Men are always tempted if the girl tries to seduce.

    • Yes but I think he has much more control than others.

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