Ex with the best friend?

Ok so me and my boyfriend broke up and I still have feelings for him, I have for a while, but he likes my best friend. She likes him too and they text CONSTANTLY but the worst part is they both know I have feelings for him. My friend has me read some of their most romantic conversations and I want to cry but I have to say awww and smile because she shows me them in public. The hardest part is I introduced them while we were dating. What do I do? Do I lie and say I'm over it so they can be happy?


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  • your friend and him can go fuck them selfs get your self away from her what a bitch excuse my french but this just got me really mad I've been in a similar situation and she is no fucking friend I don't care don't make excuses for her what so ever move the fuck on with your life people come and go and she and him should be fucking gone


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