My ex and his girlfriend are everywhere?

My ex seems to be everywhere I am with his new girlfriend. It's annoying. If I'm in the cafe with my friends, he shows up with his girlfriend. I know it's coincidence but it's just weird. I hate having to see them together, but I don't want to just get up and leave. I kinda miss him, even though I was the one that brokeup with him. We were best friends before and now she won't let him talk to me at all, so he's respecting that. He doesn't think I want to get back with him either. I can't tell if he even likes her. He's 20 and he doesn't like being single. When he falls out of love he just stays with the girl until someone else comes along or dates girls he doesn't even like. It also doesn't seem like his girlfriend is that into him. She's always going off and talking to other people and ignoring him. It seems like he's just a third wheel. I think he might still feel something towards me, but I can't tell if it's just friendship or something more? His girlfriend got mad at him when we readded eachother on Facebook. He also told my friend that he would like to talk to me again but his girlfriend won't let him. When we did talk for a few minutes a couple days ago, it was because his girlfriend asked him to ask me what the homework was. But when he did ask, it felt just like old times since he started talking to me joking around.

So 1. Do you think there's a chance at getting back together or is it just friendship?

2. How should I avoid seeing him and his new girlfriend? I don't want to come across as I'm leaving because of him.

3. How do I get his girlfriend to leave me alone? I don't get why she's talking to me all of a sudden nicely after already bitching me out via Facebook message when we readded eachother.


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  • I think he just wants to talk about old times..he lets his girlfriend set his agenda. I'd tell him his girlfriend is hassling you and see if he can talk her into leaving you alone. That should also tell you how much influence he really has with her.

    Why can't he talk to you when he wants? Would his girlfriend spank him or something? It's a bit much.


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  • Don't respond. They both get off on drama.. that's why they deserve each other, and you should just ignore them lmao...


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