Any chance I can get my ex boyfriend back?

We broke up because I sent him an email and he took it as personal attack. My tone was harsh and I apologized 4 days later as I was oversea.

He said he already made up his mind that we are not right for each other and he is really offended by that email. I told him we haven't been able to communicate openly because we both have been playing games.

I apologized and told him why I think it would work, he said once I made up my mind about break up I don't change my mind or I would look stupid.

He told me I can still call him to talk, I said you blocked me on Facebook why would I call you... anyway I told him I deserves someone who can forgive and willing to work through obstacles and I wish him well...

any chance I can get him back? is no contact the best bet?


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  • If the conflict was a misunderstanding, that would be one thing. It sounds like you stand by what you wrote but he took it very differently then you intended. He is determined to be offended no matter what you say and do. He's more worried about looking foolish if others find out he changed his mind than he is concerned about losing you. It seems his pride is way out proportion to what is healthy or could ever be good for you. If that's the case, it was only a matter of time before he blew up at you about something. If it wasn't this, it would be something else. I agree that you deserve someone who can forgive you and other people and also someone who cares more about you than about how he looks to others.

    • Yes his pride is too much. Typical Aries!

      He also said our previous argument made things go down hill. I said to him I thought we resolved the fights and not hold grudges? Anyway he can continue to be childish and keep on looking for new love and break up and ended up as an angry old man alone haha

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    • Pride is completely irrational so it's hard to predict. I don't expect him to come back, apologizing and asking for a second chance. He might tell you one day that out of nobleness he decided to give you another chance! It seems you're better off without him. And I agree that if he can't put aside his pride, he will end up a bitter and lonely old man long before his time.

    • What you said totally described my other ex. He dumped me and one week later he contacted me and then invited me to his place and he made me dinner. He said he never cooked for anyone. He then said he didn't cook it for me. He was just sharing with me and he didn't talk about getting back together he said he is giving me other chance.

      2 months later we broke up cos he lash out at me for something else. And the way he did it was just too much. I moved on and he contacted me again lol

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