Is he cheating? Why doesn't he show me off and post pics of us?

Is it dumb for me to be upset that my boyfriend doesn't post pictures of me... of us? I feel like he doesn't want someone to know that were together. He tells me he loves me constantly, but I feel like posting a pic and saying, "this is my beautiful girfriend and she's all mine!" says a lot more. what should I do? I don't think I'm being needy, I just am confused that he's not proud of me. He post pics of how much he loves his ride, but not me?


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  • To draw "he's cheating" out of that isn't good. That shows me you don't trust him. Whether that's you having a problem trusting people, or him being suspicious, or both, I can't say I have enough info to really tell. Not posting a picture of you on his FB isn't something I'd personally label as suspicious, if you want my input on that.

    No one here (or anywhere for that matter) can give you more of an accurate answer as to why he doesn't do that than him, so the answer there is to ask him.


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  • I assume this is Facebook? When I went on Facebook, I did not upload pictures(or me). It just doesn't matter to me. I wouldn't post pictures of my girlfriend either. Maybe, like me, he doesn't feel the need to show you off? Not exactly needy, but I think you have an odd way of knowing you're loved.

  • To be in a relationship you need trust. You obviously do not trust him.

  • It's you being needy, time to acknowledge that.


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  • Me and my boyfriend don't post things online about each other but we're in love we've been together 2 years and I think that's one of the reasons we've stayed together we're private people I don't need people in my relationship or knowing everything we're up to.

    The fact you think that says he's cheating is a bad sign it's irrational to equate lack of pictures online with cheating. He's probably not but if you keep thinking he's cheating he probably will just because he's sick of being accused for something he hasn't done.

    Either trust him or dump him, don't start accusations because once you say it you can never take it back.


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