I recently ended a relationship. Well it was more like an arrangement.

We had great chemistry in bed. Dated and mostly had sex. He called the other night "rapture" which is very heavy but he also told me he is emotionally unavailable as his ex wife cheated on him and he is screwed up from that. I had to end the "arrangement" not really a relationship right. He said he was hurt and upset. I asked him to return some of my things and that I was leaving his dress shirt in the mailbox in a bag--he never picked it up . I texted him since he avoids my calls and said I wanted my GPS back since I am a visiting nurse. I also told him he could pay me back the $150 he borrowed from me next month. He is avoiding me. I asked him if he was now stealing from me or was he going to return and repay. He never responded. I sent him a nice text simply asking him if he was ok---no answer. I told him he made his point. Any insight people?

Anyone else have a thought?

OK he has not tried to return my calls I received flowers yesterday called to thank him although they it just said Happy Valentine's Day Gorgeous I thought they were from him so I left a message thanking him and saying I was confused but that they were beautiful only to find out they weren't even from him but no return calls I want my things back if he didn't want a real relationship was is he being so childish?


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  • Sounds like he's upset he doesn't have you to screw anymore. He is probably taking your stuff as payback. OR he blacked your number and isn't getting any of your phone calls or texts.

    Its best to file a report about your things, so that you can get them back, and maybe go to small claims court for the $150. NEVER GIVE PEOPLE MONEY without getting a promissory note from them. NEVER give anyone anything that you expect back, without getting a signed and written agreement.

    He already told you he was screwed up, there really is nothing else to explain. The guy has problems.

    • Yes, that's what I think Unfortunately my heart still aches. But the truth is he is a scammer and a user. I have to convince myself to let it go. Thatns.

    • No problem, and good luck to you with all of that. I hope you get your stuff back.

    • You probably aren't going to get your things back until you get the police and/or courts involved. Some guys can't handle rejection, he probably still wanted to have sex with you, and became upset that you took it away. As I said, he most likely blocked your number. You are going to have to file with the police and get a court order to get your things back, or restitution for those things.

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