Why can't I forget her?

There's this girl on my course who split up with her ex around 7 months ago and started chasing me. we would text and chat and hook up in town alot. she was always telling me how much she really likes me, would always ask me out on dates and said she hoped we would be together. thing is I think she's back in contact with her ex who cheated on her and I don't see her desire for him, he's nothing special and all her friends told her I would be a step up. Basically she told me she just wants to be "friends" as she's confused.

Anyway for the life of me I can't get her out my head its been 3 weeks and I've been out a number of times and got numbers of some really beautiful women, my friends say prettier than this girl. but I never send follow up texts to them as I feel no desire towards them. she's all I think about, everytime I see her in class I just feel this deep heavy feeling when I look at her and just want her so bad. I just want to forget about her and move on its starting to drag me down. does anyone have any tips?


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  • First question: While you two were hooking up and she was chasing you, did you propose to her to be your girl friend?

    Second question: Did you feel more attracted to her when she decided to contact her ex again.

    Do you love her for her? Or do you just love the attention she gives to you and the fact that she said that she really likes you?

    • I didn't ask her to be my girlfriend she said I hope we end up together I really like you.

      2nd..And no I've always been attracted to her, I've had a crush on her since the first day of college.

      3rd..I don't love her, we haven't spent enough time together but I do really like her, and the more she told me about herself the more I became attracted to her.

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    • Yeah but I think she wants her joke of an ex back so me going after her probably won't achieve much. She pretty much ignores me in class and avoids all eye contact. unless she's drunk then she hugs me and says hi but that's as far as it goes. I would go after her and fight for her but I think she has very little interest in me at least for the time being.

    • Make her ex look like a fucking dumbass. Outsmart him, out-alpha him and if its in front of her, I can assure you she?ll take you.

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