"My boyfriend's out of town, do you want to his house and watch a movie with me"?

Even if all she wanted to do was watch a movie, I doubt he'd like if he came to his house early and saw me over there. She's about 10 years older than me. I told her it was a bad idea, and she said not to worry, that he wouldn't be back til the morning. I said "no". Does it sound like she was trying to cheat on her boyfriend?


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  • Of course! God! If it was all that innocent and watching a movie was her goal,why would she ask you?Why would she tell you her boyfriend is out of town?Why would she insist you go,and finally WHY would she say he's going to be out till morning.If it all was that innocent why care about what time he'd come?Ooh wait ,Because she wanted to cheat.


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  • The correct answer on so many levels is no.


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