Is it sometimes best to just let things go even if you miss the person?

I really miss this girl but honestly don't know if there is any point trying to contact her in any way as she seems to have drifted away or just needed some space for a while . I feel like I should stop trying to reach out to her at this time but deep down miss her a lot and its hard to not be in contact with her


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  • Depends on why you broke contact off?

    • she broke contact off , I was never really exactly sure why , we sort of drifted apart during summer then things really went apart once It was over , I saw her once at Thanksgiving and haven't seen or heard anything from her since

    • Maybe wait a bit then reconnect as friends and see how it goes... you never know :)

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  • just let go, let it flow, everything's gonna work out right.


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    I know that it hurts to miss this girl because you're really not over her, but if she initiated the break up, then it's time to move on. You can only do so much; it's not fair for you if you try to pursue someone who does not feel the same way. You deserve a girl who will give you the love that you give.


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