Am I making the right call about breaking up with her?

well tomorrow is Valentine's day and that's the start of a breakup with me because I can't do this anymore.i was nice enough to let her move in with me and she becomes ruling and obsessed. I can't go anywhere alone without her. I feel smothered. yes I talked to her about this over and over again. she take over 560 photos of me and upload them on the internet. I can't go anywhere without her, I can't do anything without her. while I'm at work she will take pictures in my clothes or my hat and say that "she waiting on bae to get here". that's all she does is wait on me. every single post on the internet is about me and I get told to like it. I'm just very tired. I want a girl who has her own and act like they won't die if I leave the house.i can't go see my friends alone, she be right there also. so for valentine day I'm going to be around my friends. not to sound rude but I am tired of seeing her. I tried to breakup with her before but she pulled a knife on me and she got people mind thinking that I am the one who did it. all she do is be around me, take pictures of me, video me. give me money, buy me things but we have not made any progress in no kind of way. its basically a dead relationship


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  • Be prepared to immediately help her pack and move her stuff to somewhere else when you do this. If she's bonkers enough to pull a knife on you last time you tried to break up, then she'll go to greater lengths this time. If you are really concerned you could ask a police officer to be there as well. That way, she can't do anything stupid and try to make it look like your fault (like with the knife). I would also let her know that if she doesn't go peacefully and leave you alone, that you will file a restraining order against her. It won't be easy, it won't be pretty, but it MUST be done. Also be prepared to change the locks on your house. I hope she doesn't mess with your car or anything :-/ Once again, won't be easy, but the longer you wait, the worse it'll be.


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  • I think you definitely should find a way out of the relationship, but be careful. She sounds incredibly unstable. I wish I had had some advice as to how to go about this, but I'm sorry, I just have no idea. All I can tell you is that you are definitely doing the right thing by getting out of this, you should not feel guilty, and be safe.

    Good luck, this must be so difficult!

  • Things will only get worse if you continue..but b prepared for the backlash that is yet to come.stand your ground and be firm if you sway a little we sometimes think we have a fighting chance to change your mind.good luck...and keep people around you all the time.!

  • Yes this is a bad situation. This girl seriously needs to have some alone time with herself or possibly a group of girls. I would call it off and explain that you need air to breathe and time for you. That she can't wait on you hand and foot.


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