How do I get over a girl or get her to realize how much she means to me?

So I met this girl in my senior year of highschool when she was a freshmen. I'm graduated now and she's a sophmore. We have been talking for well over a year and were pretty good friends until I graduated and moved. But I recently moved back home for a while and she started texting me again. I always felt like I would be happy with her but not until we started talking again. I told her how I feel and that I think she's the most amazing girl in the world but she doesn't seem to get why. I can't really explain why, its just how she is. She doesn't talk a whole lot but something about her makes me happy. I know its weird because I'm older but I don't really care about anything physical I just want to be with her. I became quite depressed about it for a while and she stopped texting again, but then she started texting again 2 days ago just when I started feeling better. Now its all back, I can't stop thinking about her and I don't know what to do. I just want to either be with her or forget her. Any suggestions? Any at all. Please


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  • You can't "get" a girl to like you no matter how hard you try, because she will either like you or she won't. So, you can accept this and move on by hanging out with friends or just respect yourself knowing you deserve somebody who actually wants to be with you.


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  • She's totally involved with her high school scene, so she's not going to be interested in staying too much in touch now that you're not part of her world.

    There's no way she reciprocates your feelings. I'd pick out five of the most attractive girls you see around now and flirt with all of them, to see if you can get over this fixation on the high school girl!


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