Do you feel that breaking up over something Facebook is unreal?

yes ...Facebook. too many times, people use it as a way to say some shit about other people or judge people for it.

But how do you feel when it affects your relationship?

would you use it to solve your problems?

would you rather talk in person?

is Facebook, something you use to 'judge' or get an impression of someone, or do you get to know them in person?

and my final question, how many of you are guilty of breaking up with someone, for a reason related to Facebook?


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  • I just recently lost friends over Facebook, because they didn't understand was I going through a bad time. Facebook is destroying relationships and fast. This why I now use a fake name and not my real name, so people don't go round just requesting me, because either I work with them etc.

    I like to request people that I think I know really well, or that I am going to be friends or keep in contact with.

    • I've lost a lot and gained a lot.

    • I personally think there is nothing good about it. Its just good for keeping in contact with friends, that are in other countries and you might want to keep in contact with them again. It will also destroy social interaction with people. Its not really a good of getting know to someone.

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What Guys Said 2

  • My dear friend,face book is responsible for many break ups.Period.

  • I think it's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard, but a high percentage of divorce cases cite Facebook as a contributing reason so there's no shortage of complete fucking idiots getting married and divorced, it seems.


What Girls Said 2

  • Facebook related break-ups definitely do happen! It's sad, but it's true!

    In some cases, Facebook is the non-verbal truth. It may reveal to you your partners genuine ways. Facebook related activity can show you things you would have never discovered had it not been for social media. Things that you may find completely intolerable and unacceptable in a relationship.

    1.) Facebook has never effected my relationship thus far because I'm not big into social media. Social media is too time consuming and it smothers more significant, real life goals. So luckily it hasn't been an issue yet.

    2.) I sure as hell do not use something as superficial as Facebook to solve my problems. I solve problems face to face by communicating openly and honestly. I don't play the guessing game or assume that the answer is something I saw on Facebook without actually getting insight from the guy.

    3.) Nope, I do not use Facebook to get an accurate representation of who someone is because Facebook tends to be where people display a picture perfect snapshot of their lives. Most of it is all for show. I've known quite a few people who go out of their way to make their lives look exciting on FB, yet in actual reality, they're not nearly as satisfied with the way their lives are as it appears to be online.

    4.) I've never experienced a break-up due to FB. Hopefully, my relationships are more solid than that.

  • It's retarded


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